Know Your Skin Type

Dry Skin

  • Appears dull
  • May lack elasticity 
  • Flaking and tightness may occur
  • minimal oil production 
  • may be rough in texture

Treatment Goals

  • protect the barrier of the skin
  • use of humectants will improve the overall quality if the skin
  • lock in moisture with oil based products

Oily Skin

  • high oil production
  • congestion
  • pores are larger than usual
  • more prone to comedones and breakouts

Treatment Goals

  • balance oil production
  • exfoliate more often
  • cleanse and moisturize regularly with water based products

Combination Skin

  • moderate to high oil production in the t-zone with dry cheeks, chin, etc.
  • larger pores found in the t-zone
  • skin may be dry/flaky around perimeter of the face while the forehead and nose may have a build up of dead skin and over active oil production

Treatment Goals

  • cleanse and exfoliate on a regular basis
  • use more water based products
  • avoid harsh products

Normal Skin

  • skin has a soft and smooth texture
  • few breakouts
  • oil is balance all around the face
  • pore size is normal

Treatment Goals

  • nourish and protect the skin
  • maintain the moisture balance of the skin
  • avoid harsh ingredients in products